ICRD Group Foundation is an independent think-and-do tank committed to enabling better development outcomes in Southern Africa through col­lab­or­ation and innovation.

We are a collaborative social innovation platform that brings to­gether in­di­vidu­als and organisations from diverse sectors, disciplines and generations to work to­gether on developing innovative solutions to pressing social, ecological and eco­nomic issues. Our mandate is to identify and develop sustainable development path­ways in rural and urban communities. We facilitate the successful im­ple­men­ta­tion of life chang­ing ideas, with a strong focus on sustainability, using un­con­ven­tional ap­proaches, tools and strategic alliances.

We pilot and develop innovative solutions in education, health, social co­he­sion, environmental sustainability, social entrepreneurship, policy and ad­vo­cacy using state of the art technology. We use knowledge application principles as well as creative collaboration tools to identify trends and facilitate the connection of other­wise disconnected organizations, disciplines, sectors and generations. We are committed to working closely with governments, industry partners, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions to help expand economic, social, and ecological opportunities.

Today, our com­mu­nity consists of social entrepreneurs and investors, com­mu­nity leaders, activists, cultural creatives, and thought leaders who are all seek­ing to align what they care about with their actions to make the world a better place


A Sub-Saharan where communities,
nature, and commerce thrive in harmony.