We work to meet our mission by:

  1. Thinking: promoting guidelines about sustainable social, economic and en­vi­ron­men­tal development.

  2. Learning: delivering awareness-raising, training and other educational activities.

  3. Doing: offering mentorship and support during project delivery.

  4. Evidence-based approach: ensuring that our actions are based on evidence and case studies.

  5. Advocacy: promoting the benefits of a sustainable approach.

We aim to:

  1. Define and promote exemplar sustainable development (integrated and holistic). Because we consider limited understandings of sustainability a major challenge to our mission. Examples of highly sustainable projects are needed.

  2. Build capacity among clients, investors and their advisers. Because poor delivery ca-pabilities, especially among clients, beneficiaries and investors undermine any developmental effort.

  3. Bring together leading organizations and leaders to explore innovative solutions to social, ecological and economic challenge. Because we observe a lack of joined-up thinking to bring about change.

Given the challenges and aims identified previously, our objectives are to work in partnership with other leading organizations to help:

  1. Identify innovations and solutions for a sustainable future.

  2. Increase knowledge and understanding of sustainability.

  3. Challenge and enable clients to deliver a step change in real-life sustainable perfor-mance.

  4. Demonstrate that whole-life value can be achieved through a holistic sustainable approach.

  5. Inspire behaviour that will create sustainable communities and lifestyles.

  6. Encourage and support sustainable and community-empowering projects